Marri Rajasekhar Reddy

MLA Malkajgiri

Marri Rajasekhar Reddy with KCR


Marri Rajasekhar Reddy, popularly known as MRR, is MLA of Malkajgiri Constituency, a prominent politician, social activist, and educationist from Telangana state. He currently serves as the incharge of the Cantonment assembly constituency. Born on June 17, 1970, in Hyderabad, MRR embarked on a remarkable journey of public service driven by a deep-rooted passion for the welfare of his community.

Having initially joined the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) (Now BRS), MRR worked under the visionary leadership of KCR (Kalvakuntla Chandrashekar Rao), the Chief Minister of Telangana. During his tenure, MRR gained valuable experience and an in-depth understanding of the issues and needs of the people, fostering a strong connection with the community.

MRR’s journey in public service began alongside his commitment to his family’s business. However, driven by a profound desire to contribute to society, he chose to dedicate his efforts to uplifting the lives of others. With a keen focus on education and healthcare, MRR aspired to provide quality services accessible to all.

In pursuit of his vision, MRR established the Marri Rajasekhar Reddy Foundation, a charitable organization aimed at helping the underprivileged. Through the foundation, he has facilitated numerous scholarships for deserving students, including those interested in sports. Additionally, he launched the Arundhati Hospital, a multispeciality healthcare facility that offers free treatments to all patients, regardless of their financial status, religious background, or political affiliation.

Arundhati Hospital stands as a testament to MRR’s unwavering commitment to equitable access to healthcare. With a dedicated team of medical professionals, the hospital has successfully performed a multitude of surgeries, providing critical care to a significant number of patients. The hospital’s core principle remains focused on serving the community, ensuring that quality medical services are available to those in need.

Marri Rajasekhar Reddy’s journey has been characterized by his tireless efforts to improve the lives of the people he represents. His commitment to social welfare, education, and healthcare has made a lasting impact on the community, earning him widespread respect and admiration.

As an accomplished politician, social activist, and educationist, MRR continues to work towards a brighter future, championing the cause of the underprivileged and striving for inclusive development in Telangana. Through his dedicated service and unwavering principles, he remains a beacon of hope and progress for his constituents and the wider community.